100 N. Date
Suite 13
Truth or Consequences, NM 87901
Hours: Monday-Friday  8am-5pm

Amanda Cardona
Chief Deputy Treasurer

Cristina Brassell
Clerk I

Claudia Edwards
Clerk II

Janet Godfrey
Clerk II


Second half property taxes for 2016 will become delinquent May 10, 2017. Postmark by Post office must be dated May 10, 2017 to avoid penalty and interest.


Terri Copsin
County Treasurer
575-894-3524 ext. 225

Ms. Copsin was elected County Treasurer in 2012 and took office in 2013.

The Sierra County Treasurer is ex-officio county collector for all county revenues which are distributed by the Treasurer. Major revenues consist of property and other taxes, fees, licenses and revenues from the state and federal government.

The Sierra County Treasurer is elected for a four year term at each general election.

The Treasurer accounts for:

  • -  Monies received and disbursed
  • -  Checks drawn and paid
  • -  Records pertaining to the Treasurer's office

NOTICE TO SIERRA COUNTY: State of New Mexico Delinquent Property Auction is scheduled for June 6, 2017. The State will publish the Delinquent list 3 weeks prior to sale date at Delinquent Property Tax will show all Tax Auctions within the State of New Mexico.

New Mexico is a self rendering state; PROPERTY TAXES ARE THE PERSONAL OBLIGATION OF THE PERSON OWNING THE PROPERTY. It is the tax payer’s responsibility to pay taxes even if they did not receive a tax bill.

Use the "Pay Online" button to pay your taxes online any time with a credit or debit card, or through your checking account. Online payments are secure.

You can enter your 7-digit Owner ID # in the payment screen and see the exact amount due, however you do not have to pay online. You can send a check with the correct amount due.

Click to Pay online

Credit Cards: 2.50%
Visa Debit Card: $3.95
E-check: $2.00

Call 1-866-636-3767 to pay by phone.

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Sierra County is an equal opportunity employer.


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