Sierra County Commission

The County of Sierra is divided into three Districts. Each District is represented by one Commissioner. Commissioners are elected "at large."

Meetings are scheduled every third Tuesday of the month. Dates are subject to change and are noted on the calendar. The County Commissioners invite the public to attend.

sierra county commissioner travis day
Mr. Day was elected County Commissioner for District 2 in 2018 and took office in 2019.

Spaceport Tax District, NM/AZ Colaition of Counties Economic Stable Growth, SVH Joint Powers Commission, Sierra County Tourism Committee, Region IV, Chief Elected Officials Board, New Mexico Counties Board Representative

sierra county commissioner jim paxon
Mr. Paxon was elected County Commissioner for District 1 in 2018.

NM Counties Insurance Authority Pool Board Voting Member, Spaceport Tax District, South West County Commissioners Alliance, South Central Council of Governments, SVH Joint Powers Commission, County Livestock Loss Authority

commissioner hank hopkins
Mr. Hopkins was elected County Commissioner for District 3 in 2020 and took office in 2021.

Jornada RC&D, SVH Joint Powers Commission, Sierra County Recreation and Tourism Advisory Board

Next Commission Meeting:

Meetings are held in the County Commission Chambers, 1712 N. Date Street, unless noted otherwise. Check our Announcements page for revisions to meeting times and locations.

County Commission Agendas

November 14, 2023 – regular
October 17, 2023 – regular
September 15, 2023 – special
September 13, 2023 – regular
August 17, 2023 – special
July 28, 2023 – special
July 18, 2023 – regular
June 20, 2023 – regular
May 16, 2023 – regular
April 18, 2023 – regular
April 4, 2023 – special
March 21, 2023 – regular
February 21, 2023 – regular
January 23, 2023 – special
January 6, 2023 – regular
December 28, 2022 – special