65-Plus or Disabled Person Low Income Limitation Application
65-Plus or Disabled Person Low Income Limitation Application (Spanish)
Agricultural Application
Application For Property Tax Exemption – Charitable – Educational Organization
Application For Property Tax Exemption – Religious Organization Property Tax Exemption
Application For Rural Address
Application for Rural Address
Business License Application
Business Personal Property Statement
Change of Mailing Address
Claim of Exemption Form (Combining or Splitting Land)
Classification Declaration Form
Commercial Building Packet
County Tax Distribution Table
Current Gross Receipts Rates
Current Tax Distribution Rates
Disabled Veteran Exemption Application
DWI – Attendance of Meetings Form
DWI – Change of Personal Information Form
DWI – Dispositivos de bloqueo el encendido
DWI – Documentation of Community Service
DWI – Employment Application Journal
DWI – Ignition Interlock Device
DWI – Random Drug Testing
DWI – Request for Extension on Sentencing Requirements
Estimated Amount of Property Tax Levy on Residential Property
Floodplain Development Permit Application
Form to Replace Lost Veterans Tax Exempt Certificate
Gross Receipts Tax Schedule 2018
Head of Family Application
Health Care Application
Indigent Health Application Instructions
Indigent Health Application Requirements
Livestock Statement
Local Preference Application
Lodgers Tax Application
Mail-in Voter Registration Form
Notice of Vehicle Sold
PERA Change of Records Form
PERA Membership Application
PERA Re-Hired Retiree
PERA Re-Hired Retiree Termination
PERA Refund Beneficiary Designation Form
PERA Survivor Beneficiary Designation Form
PERA Termination Notice
Probate Packet with Will
Probate Packet without Will
Proof of Authority
Proof of Residency
Protest Petition
Removal of Exemptions
Reporting of Property and Improvements
Request to Assess Manufactured Home as Real Property
Request to Change Valuation Status for a Manufactured Home
Residential Building Packet
Sierra County Property Tax Rates
Sierra County Property Tax Rates 2023
Sierra County Tax Rates
Small Estate Affidavit
Statement Form
Tax Distribution Rates