Request for Comments re: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The USFWS is preparing a draft environmental impact statement supplemental pursuant to NEPA, in conjunction with a proposed rule to revise the existing nonessential experimental population designation of the Mexican Wolf under section 10(j) of the Endangered Species Act. Sierra County is soliciting comments and data to develop a written response for Sierra County. Specifically, the County requests your feedback in the following four areas:

1. Benefits or impacts to wolf or public on essential v. nonessential designation
2. Information pertinent to establishing a population objective or release recommendation and the relationship between population objective and release recommendations.
3. Impact of take on non-federal lands in conjunction with a removal action, and take in response to unacceptable impacts to wild ungulate herd on the genetic health of experimental population of wolves.
4. Any new information from public since publication of 2014 EIS and 2015 final rule related to changes in land use, human population census data, number of permitted and authorized unit months in national forests, inventory of cattle and calves, sheep and lamb inventory, big game hunting data, incidences of human-wolf encounters, and parasite or disease events related to Mexican wolves.

Please provide comments to Sierra County by May 31, 2020. Comments should be delivered to Sierra County 855 Van Patten, Truth or Consequences, NM 87901 or email: